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Maya Loves her rosedale dog walking adventures

GSP Mixed Breed Rescue Dog Maya Dog Walking in Rosedale
Maya Dog Walking in Rosedale

Maya loves her Rosedale Moore Park Dog Walks. If you cannot tell from the photo above, Maya is a real character. This girl has endless amounts of energy. She loves walking in her daily Group Walks with her fur friends throughout all the Rosedale Trails and Parks. If you see this girl, she is likely pulling forward with excitement and trying to sneak in a leashed wrestle with her buddies when she can. Maya certainly is the centre of attention with not only her walking buddies but people who pass us on the street walking. Often she will get lots of ooooh's and aaaah's from onlookers. She sure is a stunner this girl and she knows it. We are so happy to have Maya join our Rosedale Dog Walking crew!


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