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Baby Bunky joins us in The Annex / Yorkville Area

We would like to introduce Bunky from the Annex / Yorkvile area! Bunky is a charming soon-to-be one-year-old, Miniature Long Haired Dachshund. He is a very clever little guy and once he gets comfortable is super fun and playful. He is hesitant at first with new people but once he trusts he becomes quite the comedian and is hilarious entertainment. He is also extremely affectionate and lovable with his people! Never a dull moment with this guy!

Also, a funny coincidence, a few weeks back when we had posted Bunky's photo on our main WE WAG TORONTO Instagram page, one of our owners from another area of Toronto messaged that she thought that Bunky might be her dog Pixel's brother who we also walk!! Sure enough, when we went into our client info to check the Birthdate and the Breeder information, it was true, they are brothers!! Such a funny and delightful coincidence! We have not had them meet up yet but we are going to!! Don't worry we will do a post and be sure to take lots of photos! Below see the brother Pixel who lives in Leslieville and then Bunky our new Yorkville boy!


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