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Simon joins our Rosedale Dog Walking crew

Yorkville Dog Walkers, a subsidiary of We Wag Toronto, wants to welcome Simon to the Rosedale Dog Walking crew.

Simon is a handsome 5-month-old puppy from Swiss Ridge Kennels. He just entered his second week of group walks in the Rosedale neighborhood and is loving his time with his new buddies Raven and Teddy. It is hard to believe that Simon is only five months old because his walking skills are almost perfect. He is a calm, happy guy who has no problem walking alongside his new friends. He makes the cutest little wining noises when he is picked up at the start of his dog walk, and then Simon rolls on his belly for rubs while being toweled down at the end.

We are so excited to have Simon join our crew and to be able to watch him grow.

Check out some of his pictures from his first week adventures Dog Walking in Rosedale.


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