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Toronto's Top Dog Walking Service

2 cute dogs walking in Rosedale Valley
Dog Walking Rosedale

On this blog, we would like to put out a huge congratulations to We Wag Toronto, our mother company, for winning the Top Choice Award for Dog Walking in Toronto for 2021.

We Wag, in collaboration with a Dog Walker who used to Dog Walk for We Wag, started Yorkville Dog Walking just before the pandemic hit. Little did we know, it was the worst time to take on a new venture. We Wag, a bustling company, went down to 10% of their walks within a few weeks, and Yorkville Dog Walking, a brand new company, was non-exisitent.

A few months following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a few clients joined for daily dog walking services, and Yorkville Dog Walking started to pick up a bit. Nicola, the owner of We Wag, has spent a lot of time Dog Walking in Yorkville / Rosedale to ensure that Yorkville Dog Walking was developing with the same care given to We Wag.

The pandemic has brought about many unforeseen challenges, and with that has come inevitable change. One thing that has never changed is the level of care and consistency given to every client each step of the way.

The change that we are referring to is, Yorkville Dog Walking is now fully managed by We Wag Toronto.

This means that Yorkville Dog Walking can share the same review system that We Wag does. It also means that when We Wag Toronto won the Top Choice Award for Top Dog Walking Services in Toronto, Yorkville Dog Walking shares in that win as well!

If you are looking for a Dog Walker in the Rosedale, Summerhill or Yorkville area, we are the number one trusted source with a 5-star rating on Google. Please Google We Wag Toronto to check it out and message us today to book your free meet and greet! Let us show you why we were voted number one by our clients.


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