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We Welcome Coco from Rosedale for Puppy Visits

3 month old puppy socializing in Toronto
Puppy begins Dog Walking in Rosedale

Coco is a puppy that definitely spells out cute! She is a Shepherd, Akita, Boxer and Lab mix. Coco is a smart little puppy who loved walking with us the moment we put on the leash. She is very eager to explore, smell, and bounce around with a forward motion. She is clearly a highly trainable girl who looks for approval from her handler which makes our job easier! We have a feeling that this sweet little girl is going to be joining group walks early. Meanwhile, we have her signed up for puppy visits where it is all about Coco and making sure she has the right foundational start when it comes to leash walking! Coco joins us for Dog Walking in Rosedale. Welcome, to this pretty girl!!!


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